Bottle Opener Coaster

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Introducing our extraordinary Leatherette Bottle Opening Coasters - the ultimate promotional product that combines functionality, style, and reusability. 

These leatherette coasters are not limited to just the hospitality industry. Their versatility opens up a world of promotional opportunities across various industries. Consider using them as giveaways at trade shows, corporate events, or as employee gifts. Their practicality and usefulness ensure that your brand stays in the spotlight long after the event, as they become a staple in the everyday lives of your recipients.

Furthermore, these coasters make an excellent addition to gift sets, subscription boxes, or corporate swag bags. Pair them with complementary products like wine bottles, craft beers, or cocktail recipes to create memorable branded packages. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to create unique and engaging promotional campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Crafted from durable leatherette material with a solid heavy metal core, these coasters are designed to withstand daily use and maintain their impeccable appearance. Their long-lasting nature ensures that your brand's message will endure, providing ongoing exposure and reinforcing your brand identity.


Coasters are 4x4"

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